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B4Bind SL is the strategic partner that helps companies to build revenue and develop business strategy in EU and LATAM.


B4Bind SL is a holding group founded in 2019 by Luca Brighenti and a group of entrepreneurs working in the marketing and media industry, bringing together more than 10 years of experience in managing and delivering business projects, go-to-market strategies and Business Advisory.


B4Bind SL helps clients to create the right strategy, infrastructures and team to enhance their business, while they can focus on their primary business and leave the heavy lifting to B4Bind’s skilled professionals (international and local team).

Luca Brighenti

Founder & CEO

Luca Brighenti is a Digital marketing professional, Lecturer and Opinion leader in the Media and Advertising Technology world. He works with major EU and US based companies and trade bodies in the media industry, with experience in managing and developing data-driven & new business and entrepreneurial projects. He is a tech-geek at heart and a professional communicator, fast learner, forward thinker, problem-solver, first mover and relationship builder. Luca helps companies to providing infrastructure, new products, training and business solutions for companies. A crossover between technology, product and commercial development.

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Simone Fortunato

Founder & Managing Director

Simone Fortunato is a native digital marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience in the field. He is an experienced International Business Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Strong sales and marketing professional skilled in Digital and Data Strategy, Media Buying, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, and Media.

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Andreas Akesson

VP Business Development | Partner

Andreas, an international oriented person being born in Asia, holding a Swedish passport, having lived in 4 continents, and lives in Barcelona with this Argentinian wife and two children, makes him the perfect person to understand needs from any corners of our planet. In Spain, Andreas has numerous references for executing digital projects on Spanish & South American grounds. The most valuable asset that Andreas possesses is his ability to understanding client's needs in order to orchestra the most suitable execution. Andreas's last years were spent in media & AdTech, offering solutions for large enterprises in implementing Technology platforms to manage inventory purchase (DSP/Publisher Trading Desk), data management solutions (DMP) and advertising delivery (Ad Serving/campaign analytics). The purpose was to offer brands the most efficient way in the programmatic media age. On his reference list, there are important companies such as; Olé, Autoscout24, Friendscout24, BuyVip, Planeta, Unidad Editorial, Godo, XING, Plista, Madvertise, Freewheel, Headway Digital, Criteo, Adform among others.

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B4Bind offers hands-on Business Advisory and Go-To market deliveries for companies that want to grow revenues in the European and LATAM markets.


  • Business Advisory
  • Programmatic Advertising and Media Strategy (for advertisers)
  • Digital and programmatic revenue growth opportunities (for publishers)
  • Data specialist and data product manager
  • Sales house and Interim Management (Country Management)
  • Recruitment & headhunting - incorporation and outsourced skills
  • Marketing: PR & Events, Lead Generation, Sales material
  • Legal representation
  • Training for companies and professionals


B4Bind is the strategic partner that follows and adapts the clients vision and provides concrete results.

B4Bind focuses on the client's growth and revenues, by taking ownership of the client’s assets with shared risks and gains.

A key part of the international expansion strategy Scopri B4Bind™ delivers concrete results Scopri Why B4Bind? Scopri



Conversational Advertising Cloud for brands, agencies, publishers and technology platforms.


Cavai is the leading conversational advertising platform across Europe and is inventing the future of advertising with text and voice controlled chatbots that can be delivered on millions of websites,mobile apps, social media and programmatic TV.


Cavai chatbots fit directly in the current media buying workflow.


Inflooendo is a Influencer Marketing platform that connects advertisers with online publishers audience and community on Social Media.


It has developed a data-driven technology capable of planning and defining the advertiser's target audience within various social media channels, and ables to guarantee reach and campaigns delivery. 


Inflooendo works on social network such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest.


We design communities that make people relevant.


Started in 2015 as an Italian start-up, bringing fresh air in the industry thanks to our mobile app Friendz, that allows real people to be the creators of communication and marketing campaigns for Brands.


Today our mission is to design digital communities that make individuals relevant.


Through our portfolio of proprietary communities, we effectively aggregate, engage and reward people in order to perform valuable actions, both online and offline.


Yobee is a media agency specialized in programmatic advertising.

The goal is to always offer an innovative solution to publishers, designed to increase performance and revenues online, with specific attention to the monetization streategy. 

Adhoc Academy

Adhoc Academy

Adhoc Academy is an independent, neutral (does not promote any specific technology or partner) and industry validated e-commerce company designed to become the market leader in web based sales of certified courses about Advertising Technology.

Adhoc Academy provides a variety of certified courses delivered through a flexible elearning system that allow individuals to become experts in the digital media industry. We are one of the best #AdTech certification training providers.